Why is there no Firefox browser in Ubuntu Touch?

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Why is there no Firefox browser in Ubuntu Touch?

Firefox Browser is a free and open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation. It is one of the most popular software in the FOSS environment. Many people wonder why there is no Firefox on Ubuntu Touch?

This question was asked during the last Ubuntu Touch Q&A. UBports developers decided to answer it: “Why is there no Firefox browser in Ubuntu Touch?”.

Servo or gecko would not easily integrate into our software, whereas Qt is a core part of it already. The Andoid app is a Java and Cotlin based front end for the gecko engine, so of no use as a basis for us. Firefox desktop is nearer but it has not been optimised for small screens. With Morph, the rendering engine is something we get from upstream so we are relieved of the burden of maintaining that. It also fits in naturally with the rest of our UI with little effort. It was noted in live chat that Sailfish OS uses Firefox. They were stuck on an old version and got no benefits from an upstream, as we do. Apparently they are now getting some updates through, so someone with the time could maybe take a look at the progress they are making and see if we can learn anything from it? There are issues in Morph and you can check those in the tracker. Even if we could somehow get Firefox working, it wouldn’t be immune to the same problems we experience with Morph.
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Ubuntu Touch Q&A 96

The default browser in Ubuntu Touch is Morph. Lightweight web browser tailored for Ubuntu, based on the Qt WebEngine and using the Ubuntu UI components. It requires Qt 5.9 to build and run.

Would you use a Firefox tailored for Ubuntu Touch?


  1. As Morph has never worked for me, locking up regularly, an alternative option would be useful. If Firefox can be tailored to do it count me in.

  2. I think we need amd64 architecture or at least somehow to deal with that in order to process firefox or chrome with ubuntu touch. The new samsung s22 has amd processor, but its not listed in ubuntu touch so far. Hopefully someone going tk look for that, its very important due some unpleasent circunstances

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