The Manjaro ARM project announced the second BETA release of Plasma Mobile for the PinePhone

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The second BETA version of Plasma-Mobile for PinePhone

The Manjaro ARM project announced the second BETA release of Plasma-Mobile for the PinePhone. This image uses kernel 5.10.7 optimized for the Pinephone (megi 10).

Since the first beta release in December, many important bugs have been fixed, namely connection and connectivity stability for all operators.

Download Pinephone PlaMo Beta2

Known issues

  • Wakeup from standby somtimes takes more than one press of the power button.
  • Camera image in megapixels camera app currently doesn’t properly rotate to landscape with the app window.
  • Screen sometimes fails to wakeup when receiving a call.
  • Keyboard sometimes doesn’t slide down completely.
  • The kernel currently used for the Pinephone allows charging of the battery only to about 80% capacity as a security measure to prevent overheating.

How to install

Download the image/xz file from the download location. Verify that the download completed successfully.

After that, install Etcher ( sudo pacman -S etcher if on Manjaro) and burn the image to an SD card (8 GB or larger).

The PinePhone should recognize the SD card as a bootable device and boot from it.

The preconfigured users are:
User: kde
Password: 123456

User: root
password: root

Please consider supporting Manjaro ARM directly via Patreon 3, Ko-Fi 2 or Open Collective 2.

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