The first community podcast the Pine64 is out.

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The first community podcast the Pine64 is out.

The first community podcast the Pine64 is out. The podcast is hosted by Ezra and Peter (from his blog, who talk about how they started using computers, PINE64 and FOSS in general.

In the first episode, they answered questions about which PINE64 devices they found most interesting, why did they become interested in PinePhone, and what do they think about the upcoming Quartz64 SBC?

About the hosts (from

Ezra is a young software enthusiast who enjoys FLOSS, game development and art. The ultimate expression of this passion is his Youtube channel. His preferred language is C, though he also uses others as he tends to work on various different projects from games to websites. Ezra loves inventing new things, especially if it includes user participation.

GNU/Linux has been a part of his life since his first PC, and since 2016 he started using it more frequently, and is now a proud full time Linux user.

On Technology he writes: “Ever since, I have learned more about technology. I learned to be fearful of some and praise others. It’s like magic. It requires high intelligence to master, do so and you’ll be able to control matter itself and to everyone around you: ‘Abracadabra!’. But as enchanting as it may seem, you need to watch out for dark magic. Those who wield that are very powerful indeed.”

If you have been following the PinePhone, you may know Peter from his blog or one of his Yotube videos. Being a Linux user since the early 2000s, he always wanted to have GNU/Linux on Phones and did own and use the first FOSS smartphone, the OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner, for a while.

He’s also into Single Board Computers since the first Raspberry Pi and has been using ARM Laptops as secondary portable computers with GNU/Linux since 2013. While the PinePhone was his first PINE64 purchase, it has caused a lot of excitement about all things PINE64 and the awesome community.

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