Plasma Mobile is dropping support for Halium devices.

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Pinephone KDE Community Edition

Today, the team behind the Plasma Mobile project announced that they are dropping support for Halium devices. The team decided to focus on supporting open mobile hardware projects such as Pine64 PinePhone and Purism Librem 5.

In last few years, several other companies have started working on open mobile hardware projects,
Pine64 PinePhone
Purism Librem 5
In addition to that several communities including postmarketOS team started porting several of off-shelf devices to run a mainline kernel.

These open devices provided us with better architecture and userspace much closer to our traditional “desktop” userspce. It also allowed us to use the same standards that we use on traditional Linux userspace like, DRM / GBM, V4L2, ALSA without depending on android components. This also allows us to have a userspace without binary blobs.

Dec 14, 2020 • Plasma Mobile team

More here:

KDE Community Edition (CE) PinePhone is now available for pre-order. This edition of the PinePhone ships with a tailored build of Plasma Mobile built upon Manjaro Linux, and it is the culmination of ongoing efforts to bring the popular Plasma desktop environment to the smartphone. 

Plasma Mobile is an open-source user interface for phones. Running on top of a Linux distribution, Plasma Mobile turns your phone into a fully hacking device.

Using the multi-platform toolkit Qt, the flexible extensions of KDE Frameworks plus the power of Plasma Shell, Plasma Mobile is built with technology which feels equally at home on the desktop and mobile devices.

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