PineCom: a small privacy-oriented communication device

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PineCom: a small privacy-oriented communication device

Pine64 has announced that they plan to create PineCom: a small privacy-oriented communication device that is software compatible with the PinePhone phone.

Pine64 invites everyone to brainstorm on the PineCom’s features. There is an ongoing discussion on the pine64 forum on the following topics:

  1. Do we need both a front and back camera on the PineCom? In fact, do we need any cameras at all? 
  2. Should Pine64 bring over all sensors present on the PinePhone? If so, which do you think we can do without?
  3. Should Pine64 use the same single band/11n/BT4 WiFi module in the PinePhone (for compatibility sake) or change it out for a dual band/11ac/BT5?
  4. Should the device feature a GPS (and compass) or are those features redundant in this type of device? 
  5. Should we include SPI flash?
  6. Pine64 is currently considering following the PinePhone’s general design and aesthetic for the PineCom, but if there is some sort of physical (within reason – also financially) that you think would fit this type of device well then make sure to let us know.  
  7. Pine64 is currently thinking of using a 5” LCD panel for the PineCom; what do you think about this – is there a reason to go bigger or smaller? 

As with most Pine64 hardware, the organization is open to any suggestion. We also encourage you to discuss:

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