OTA-15 for Ubuntu Touch is coming: what’s new?

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Ubuntu Touch devices (BQ Aquaris M10 and PinePhone)

OTA-15 for Ubuntu Touch will arrive on December 16, 2020. It brings many fixes for Android 9 devices such as the VollaPhone. The Ubports installer supports more devices. A few changes also appeared in Morph Browser.

OTA-15 for Ubuntu Touch includes many fixes for Volla Phone, Ubports flagship device. First of all, fixes for stuttering audio playback on Voll phone and other devices. The orientation of the Volla Phone’s front camera has been corrected, photos are now correctly rotated after taking. Sending USSD codes has been fixed on all Android 9 devices.

Fixed initiation of calls via the Bluetooth headset (via the dedicated “Redial” button or via the “Contacts” interface in some cars). The dialer now starts up more reliably when trying to manage any call.

Thai keyboard layout added.

The ubports installer has gained support for OnePlus2 by Vince, f (x) tec Pro1 by Danct12 and friends, Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 by Danct12 and Google Pixel 3a by Alfred.

Ubuntu Touch’s default (and so far only) browser, Morph, has also been updated. The first noticeable change is the new logo. In our opinion, much better than the previous one. There is a new tab management interface in narrow views. This new interface allows you to slide the tabs left or right. This new interface also has tab previews available so you can see the website you are switching to. Made a lot of changes to improve the browser when the system theme is set to Suru Dark.

source: https://ubports.com/blog/ubport-blogs-news-1/post/call-for-testing-ubuntu-touch-ota-15-3733

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