Mobian will be the new OS in the PinePhone Community Edition

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Mobian Community Edition PinePhone

Mobian will be the new OS in the PinePhone Community Edition. Mobian is an open-source project aimed at bringing Debian GNU/Linux to mobile devices.

The PinePhone Mobian Community Edition will be available to pre-order from the Pine64 Store on January 18th and comes in two configurations:

  • $149 – 2GB RAM + 16GB eMMC
  • $199 – 3GB RAM + 32GB eMMC Convergence Package with an included USB-C dock

What can we expect from PinePhone Mobian Community Edition?

PinePhone Mobian Community Edition will include an installer that will allow you to choose a user password and enable full disk encryption.

PinePhone with Mobian will have all the basic functionality of the phone: including voice calls, SMS, mobile broadband, Wi-Fi, front and rear cameras.

Mobian ships with Phosh, a mobile-oriented desktop environment based on GNOME technology, initially developed by Purism for their Librem 5 smartphone.

Mobian’s developers caution that the software is still largely in progress and evolving almost daily. It is important that you update your phone immediately after receiving it.

Mobian wiki page:
Debian wiki page:
IRC channel: #mobian on OFTC
Matrix room:
Telegram group:

Pine64 will donate $ 10 to the Mobian project for each device sold. The Mobian developers will return a significant portion to the Debian project.

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