Kernel update available on Ubuntu Touch in Pinephone.

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Kernel update available on Ubuntu Touch in Pinephone.

During the last Q&A, the UBports team announced the possibility of updating the kernel in Pinehone. To do this, just go to settings and select “kernelupgrade” in the upgrade options. As Dalton (the leader of the UBPorts Foundation) said, not everything is working as it should:

The kernel patches will provide better hardware compatibility and security and changes lots of things. For Pine, WiFi now works. We have 60fps working now. But lots of big issues remain to be done. Biggest of those is that incoming calls do not produce a proper wake state. Calls also cannot be placed in 3g. The camera is not working at all. In addition, half the time when you try to boot the system it just doesn’t work. There is no way to get 100% battery charge and modem booting can be very slow. All of these problems are kernel issues.

Dalton, UBports Foundation

The entire Q&A 90 UBports with a lot of information about Pinephone, you can watch here:

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