First stable Mobian version within a month?

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a-wai, the lead developer of Mobian (Debian for mobile) has released a project update. Amongst many pieces of information, one catches our attention: “(…) we expect we’ll be able to release our first stable version within a month, if everything goes well.”

Mobian: status update 2020-10-05

The kernel was upgraded to version 5.8 and HDMI output was re-enabled
Mobian metapackages have been reworked to use “softer” dependency relationships; this way, users can choose to uninstall most bundled apps without removing the metapackages, and therefore, without risking losing essential packages later
Some important apps have been updated:

  • Firefox ESR is now version 78, and it now uses the mobile config tweaks from our friends at pmOS
  • GNOME Maps 3.38 has been released and now has a (mostly) adaptive UI
  • GTK, the underlying foundation to every GNOME software, has been updated to version 3.24.22

We also added a couple apps in the default build:

  • GNOME Weather is patched for adaptive UI, and therefore finally usable on the PinePhone
  • Thanks to Martijn Braam’s fantastic work, Megapixels is the new default camera app. We still hold great hopes for Pinhole, but it just isn’t the best option for now.

Work on the on-device installer images and full disk encryption support is still ongoing and is seeing encouraging progress, though it’s not ready for testing yet.

Everything is available here:

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